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Denver’s Turn Over a New Leaf Program – Clearing Marijuana Convictions

Learn more about Denver’s Turn Over a New Leaf Program for clearing marijuana convictions here! 

The War on Drugs resulted in the unnecessary conviction of thousands of non-violent marijuana users. After legalizing recreational marijuana with Amendment 64 in 2012, many coloradans still faced the penalties of their prior marijuana convictions. Denver is one of the first cities working to restore justice to those affected by the war on drugs.

In this video we interviewed a program applicant who wished to remain anonymous. Her minor charges have prevented her from attaining housing, jobs, and even working on her daughter’s girl scouts.

We also interviewed Eric Escudero, director of communications for the City and County of Denver. Eric has been instrumental in the outreach for Denver’s Turn Over a New Leaf Program. And we interviewed district attorney Beth McCann, who has ensured that the program could be fully implemented. The Turn Over a New Leaf Program was propagated by Mayor Michael Hancock, who wanted to see real criminal justice reform when it came to these marijuana convictions.

More information about qualifications and how to apply are available on Denver’s website.

We used footage from the US public archives of prominent political figures speaking about The War on Drugs.

President Ronald Reagan’s Speech on Drug Abuse Campaign:


Courtesy Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

President George H.W. Bush’s Speech on Drugs and the Democratic Response on Drug Strategy by Sen. Joseph Biden – 1989


And the response from Vice President Joe Biden on drug policy can be found at the same link:


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