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420 2019 – Denver Mile High 420 Festival Recap

Denver, Colorado annually hosts one of the largest 420 celebrations in the world. In Denver, the 420 rally started as a means for marijuana activists to demonstrate their support for cannabis legalization. Every year on April 20th thousands of cannabis activists would congregate at the Colorado state capitol and vocalize their support for legalization. Since recreational marijuana legalization, 420 has transformed into a celebration of legal weed— showcasing the industry’s top brands, and a wide array of musical artistic talent. In 2019 420 was on a Saturday, making the 2019 Mile High 420 Festival it one of the busiest 420 festivals to date. Rapper T.I. and Jermaine Dupri were among the festivals many musical guests, and Montel Williams delivered an inspiring speech, reminding us that the fight for legalization is not over.

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